'Every leaf is a spacious plain; every line a flowing brook; every period a lofty mountain.' (J. Harvey).

Are you a nature lover? Have you ever walked in the wood on a crispy October morning? Close your eyes and smell the scents of trees, the sounds of brooks and the feel of sunshine through forest leaves. Now take a closer look: these are not ordinary leaves. These leaves are blue, just like in your child's dreams, where everything was possible.


This artwork forms part of a series of 4 abstract compositions. The delicate intricacy of the leaf frames has been created by adding different layers of ink on thin rice paper which has been burnt by the use of tiny incense sticks and mounted on a steel foil with 4 mini magnets.

Size (framed): 32x32x4.5.

Ink, rice paper, steel foil, fire and magnets mounted on a raw canvas. Size: cm 32x32X4.5. 


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Blue leaves-craft-minimal-skeleton-contemporary art
Blue leaves-craft-minimal-skeleton-contemporary-detail
Blue leaves-craft-minimal-skeleton-contemporary-detail-3
Blue leaves-craft-minimal-skeleton-contemporary-detail 2
Blue leaves-craft-minimal-skeleton-contemporary-detail 4