A contemporary interpretation of Last Supper

Everyone knows the painting which depicts Jesus' last supper with his 12 apostles before he was captured and crucified (or maybe you’ve heard about it in the mystery novel 'The Da Vinci Code' by Dan Brown).

In my interpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece I’ve introduced the fish to represent each apostle. The Greek word for ‘fish’ (ichtus) used by the early Christians was indeed a ‘coded logo’. This forms indeed an acrostic from these letters I= Iesous (Jesus); CH = Christos (Christ); TH = Theous (God); U = UIOS (Son); SOTER (Savior).

Moreover, Jesus referred to His disciples as ‘fishers of men’.

I’ve painted each fish with the gyotaku technique using real fish (namely ayu, which in Japan are skewered and grilled over a fire) and incense sticks to burn the paper. The fish missing represents Judas's betrayal.

Last Supper-Da Vinci-Ultima Cena-fish-Japan-gyotaku-sumi
Last Supper-Ultima cena-Da Vinci-Gyotaku-Japanese-detail 2
Fixing last supper
Last Supper-Ultima cena-Da Vinci-Gyotaku-Japanese-detail 1

Sumi and print ink, rice paper, shell shavings, fire, golden washi paper, wooden sticks. Size: cm 125X95X3. Read how it's made