The Terminal was a three-day durational live art event held in London in 2013. The artists were asked to examine spaces of constraints, limbo and in-betweenness, and their impact on the processes of art-making. For this project, I was involved in the creation of the logo.

This project was supported by:

This old–style valise trunk was modified to house the  Move With(Out) exhibition, such that this trunk references travelling showcases and opens up as a performative spectacle.

For this project I was asked to produce a 'portable' artwork (A3 size) inspired by the concept of migration and that has been travelling around the world:

1 Berlin           7th June 2013

2 London      15th June 2013

3 Rome         13th July 2013

4 Venice        23-24th November 2013

5 Belgrade    30th November 2013

6 Singapore   18th January 2014

7 Budapest     21st November 2014

8 Skopje         10th September 2015

9 Lisbon         26th September 2015