I immediately loved the delicacy and subtlety of the artworks, the soft tones, combined with the metallic layers. And with changing light, my octopuses always change a little as well!

Aya (Japan)

I love the unique and soft atmosphere of this work and am smitten with the use of vintage Japanese material. I've hung it at entrance hall of my house, so I can see this as soon as I get home and it makes me feel good.

Stephen (UK)

When I saw this picture at Mauro's exhibition, there was an indescribable something that kept drawing me back to have another little look.  I love things that feel like they are describing something that can't be fully grasped and the media used for this picture intrigues me.  I love the feeling of rain in this work, rain evokes so many emotions when it falls, and this work carries that sense effortlessly.  I love it.

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Dee and Vassu (Aus, UK)

It's hard to believe that the creature I see before me isn't actually real - that it is, in fact, a dragonfly born of sumi ink. But this is precisely where the genius of the artist shines through - in the ability to make use of sumi in ways that were never previously imagined - to amazing effect. And I find myself wanting to ask Mauro again: are you sure that dragonfly isn't real? I could have sworn I saw it move...


Katharina (Germany)