'Mauro De Giorgi is a contemporary artist whose strength is his revolutionary art, characterized by his constant innovations, including re-invention with material and transforming the accidental into astonishing artworks'.


Choy Weng Yang, 

Curator for National Museum of Singapore

‘Italy, United Kingdom and Japan. East meets West, then?

It is actually far more subtle than this. It is a question of a European perspective treated with a Japanese sensitiveness. Don’t make any mistake: this is two cultures mingling intimately. Mauro was born Japanese in a previous life.


Observe a scene with acuity, extract the essential message and represent it with a few brushstroke. This is what Mauro does. When he is done with his subject, everything is said. It is all there, encapsulated in ink.


The artist has a defined manifesto: less is more. But less does not mean pared down, summarised, dumbed down: it is a distillation process. What you get is the essence.


Sometimes, one could be tempted to say that the final result is a happy accident. There is probably a part of truth in this. And that’s exactly the brilliance of it: it looks so effortless and joyous. However, these happy endings do not happen for no reason. Mauro works obsessively on organising such accidents. Randomness has very little to do with it.


Mauro manages to extract all that matters from his subject. It is said that perfection is achieved when you cannot add or subtract anything. This is what the artist does here.


These representations are unashamedly highbrow. But playful. Haunting. Brilliantly simple. Their iconic simplicity will get etched into your memory.’

Jean-Louis  L’Eveque,

SQ London